There's been some chat on camp the last few days about our 2016 calendar, and to be honest mine is quite structured but mostly with prems and high profile races so I spent a bit of time looking back over the last few years of racing to find races I really enjoyed.

Back in 2014 was one of my first races on a bike, the Newport Nocturne. It was absolutely epic fun, albeit very painful sucking wheel and getting thrown out of the back door. Unfortunately I've yet to hear anything about the Newport Nocturne making a return to the 2016 season, but I do remember the London Nocturne around Smithfield Market in 2015. I went to support my good friend Pete who had a go at the folding bike race, just missing out on the podium by one spot! The Penny Farthing race looked to be hilarious fun, along with the other novelty support races leading up the elite women's and men's races. The crowd atmosphere by the evening's crescendo was amazing. It'll definitely be a race for my calendar this year, hopefully I can pull a great result out of the bag!