So I’m sitting in Alicante airport wondering where two weeks has gone. Eat, sleep, train repeat seems to fill more time than I remember, probably thanks to the continuous debates about powermeters, power-to-weight, power-to-CdA, ride nutrition, tyre performance and much more random stuff than I care to list.

It’s been great to finally meet some of the riders on my new team, Planet-X Northside Pro Cycling. I don’t think we’re short on characters; which should make it a fun year! Two weeks of big miles and big watts around Calpe has taken its toll. Thanks to Ben for sorting out the sweet villa. There’s been some wicked rides and moments including locked brakes on sketchy descents and some mega in-the-box moments on climbs. I even set some power PBs in the 2nd week, which is always nice! I took my Garmin Virb on most rides and have filmed over 4 hours of footage. I’ll chop it down in to a bit of a montage over the next week and get it up. In the meantime, check out this 10-minute video of myself and Tim pacing Charlie up Coll de Rates: The gauges are Charlie’s power, speed and cadence, with my heartrate in the corner. He averaged 436w for 15:34, impressive numbers.

I pick up my new team bike and kit in a week, then it’s straight in to Darley Moor Nat B to kick start the season, followed by BSCC Hard Riders TT the following day. Both should hopefully sharpen me up for Holme Valley Wheelers 2-day stage race the following weekend. We’ve managed to get 4 of our team in and with the first stage being a 10-mile TT it definitely plays to our strengths. I’ve also spotted the National 25 champ, Ryan Perry, on the start list which spices it up a little! PX-Northside all over the podium, how cool would that be?